WTF is Beach Glass?

A good day at the beach for me

Beach glass is broken glass that’s been discarded into a large body of water where it is reshaped by Mother Nature’s tumbling, churning, powerful waves. The glass breaks into smaller pieces, floats to and fro with the eb and flow of rocks, sands, waves and other debris. Eventually it is transformed into glass gems with no rough edges remaining. The entire journey of the glass breaking down to finally washing up on shore as colorful unique gems can take from 30-50 and even up to 100 years or more.

The beach glass that saved my life comes from my beloved Lake Michigan. Growing up on this great lake has resulted in 1000’s hours combing the coastline in search for the perfect and not so perfect pieces of glass. I have been beach glassing my entire life. Only the last few years has it taken on a whole new meaning the more I collected, the more I reflected on the perfect and not so perfect pieces in my life of glass.